What causes mold growth in houses

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Molds are microscopic organisms that grow largely undetected until they form a sizable colony. Mold infestation impacts negatively on both the structure of a building and the health of the individuals living in such a building. The destructive impact that molds could have on a property is the primary reason homeowners continue to seek mold remediation Columbus Ohio. But the extent of damage that molds could cause go beyond our properties. If you notice mold in your house, you need to employ services relating to mold removal Columbus Ohio.
Knowing the cause of mold infestation will allow you to take preventive measures to avoid molds. You want to ensure that molds and their spores do not flourish in your space. Every house owner should learn about molds, what triggers their growth, the impact they have on the health of occupants, and how they can alter the structural integrity of the house.

Most people know very little about molds and are helpless regarding what to do once they become visibly detected. Quick 2 Dry specializes in the comprehensive management of mold infestation, starting from detection of infestation, treatment, to provision of preventive plans.

How Does Humidity Facilitate Mold Growth In Houses?

Molds thrive in warm and moist environments. They grow on walls and other surfaces and can quickly build up on rainy days no matter the level of wetness involved. Houses close to water bodies experience higher humidity and are therefore at greater risk of mold infestation. The moisture in the air when it rains can increase indoor humidity thereby causing mold growth. Using dehumidifiers can help reduce the wetness and prevent mold from infesting your home. They can also be useful for mold removal Columbus Ohio. It can be tempting to dry your clothes indoors on rainy days but this would only provide a conducive environment for mold spores to grow. You should try reducing the wetness in your home as much as possible. High humidity can also make things wet thereby leading to mold growth. Ventilating your home properly and using dehumidifiers can reduce the moisture and make your home mold resistant.

How about Hanging Wet Clothes and Towels around Your House?

It can seem easy and even harmless to dry your towels indoors. But having wet clothes and towels hanging around the house can lead to mold infestation. Molds can produce spores on a wet cloth or towel within 24 hours. You would not notice until the spores grow into molds. The worst part is that molds can lead to potential health hazards. Indoor clothes drying and having cloth lines inside the house may be considered a risk factor for mold growth in houses with high humidity. Once you start to notice mold growth on your clothes, you have to act fast by employing services relating to mold remediation Columbus Ohio.

How Leaks Can Lead to Mold Growth?

Sometimes, mold growth can be associated with leaks. You may find leakages around your house. And while you can easily fix this, leaks that you can’t see can cause much worse damage. A leaking roof is a usual culprit of mold infestation. Since you most likely won’t see the leak, it can go unnoticed and build up to provide the perfect environment for spores to grow into mold. The bigger problem is that at the time you realize that you have a leak, the resultant mold has spread across your house. You now have to deal with mold in different locations. You may even see molds on your walls and other surfaces and be unaware that they originated from your roof. It means that you need to pay attention to your pipes and have professionals offering mold remediation Columbus Ohio check your roof for leakages periodically.

Flooding Can Lead to Mold Growth

Following a flooding episode, most of the items in a house may remain wet for weeks depending on how soaked they are and the accumulated humidity. This condition can promote the growth of mold. The basement is usually the most affected part of the house following a flood. Its humid and damp nature promotes mold infestation. It is also not as ventilated as other parts of the house. Our mold remediation Columbus Ohio services at Quick 2 Dry includes full inspection and moisture mapping to help us understand the extent of the humidity in your house.

How to Treat Mold Growth In Houses

Quick 2 Dry offers a holistic treatment for mold in Columbus Ohio. Our professional mold remediation starts with a comprehensive inspection of the house which includes thermal and moisture mapping, humidity check, and more. We apply safety measures such as sealing off the infested area, collecting samples for laboratory investigation, removing mold-infested objects, and setting up preventive measures to stop a reoccurrence.
Mold infestation comes with various health hazards that make it crucial to involve professionals as soon as you suspect mold in your property. Rooms with temperature fluctuations like the bathroom and kitchen have higher humidity and poor ventilation. As such they require special attention because condensation and poor ventilation are predisposing factors to mold growth. Surfaces such as the concrete floor can also harbor mold growth. During an inspection for mold growth such as mold remediation Columbus Ohio, we would give adequate attention to these parts of the house.

Many of the causes of household mold are largely within your control. They include factors such as indoor drying of clothes, having wet clothes lying around the house, and poor ventilation. Although you can’t do anything about a flood, you can do something about the other causes of mold infestation and growth. You can opt for mold removal Columbus Ohio. Knowing what can cause mold growth in your house can help you take action early. If you suspect mold growth or want to inspect your house for mold infestation, you should contact us for mold remediation Columbus Ohio. We can help you get rid of mold and also protect your house from an infestation.


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