Commercial Water Damage Restoration

Due to the different plumbing and structural materials available, every commercial building water system is unique but it also means that every structure is susceptible to water damage. Even minor issues, such as pipe leaks, can cause structural damage and mold development. Believe it or not, commercial water damage happens often.

To stop future damage, it’s critical to address the situation immediately in cases of excess water damage. The longer you delay the cleanup process, the worse the negative effects of water damage will get. Be sure to get your property inspected for dangerous problems first. You should start the cleanup procedure 24 to 48 hours after experts deem the property safe. Contact us at Quick2dry for a guaranteed comprehensive restoration service in Columbus, Ohio.

The Quick2Dry way

We know firsthand the impact that having water damage in your commercial building can have on your business, it can be a devastating situation. Not only does the damage require immediate repair, but it also disrupts your service to customers and staff, and negatively impacts revenue. Here is exactly what we can do to help you in this situation:

Low restoration costs

While it may appear that hiring a water damage restoration specialist could be expensive, it actually saves money in the long run. Early water damage detection and prompt action can stop further extensive and costly damage down the line. Our experts will inspect the damage and devise a plan to resolve the problem, making sure to address every issue as quickly as possible to contain the situation and keep it from escalating.

Hidden moisture

Moisture seeps deeply through surfaces. It seeps through fibers, wood, and materials, locking in the deepest layers. Your flooring, carpets, and walls could still have water underneath them despite cleaning and extracting the water. Our experts will begin by using moisture meters to detect hidden moisture. Then we will use dehumidifiers to remove all hidden moisture before it becomes a serious health risk.

Mold removal

Mold and bacterial development pose a great health risk following water damage, given that a damp environment frequently contributes to mold formation. Mold can degrade the aesthetic appeal of a property and, more importantly, harm the quality of the air inside. We offer mold remediation services with which we can control its growth before it becomes a health hazard for your business.

Specialized remediation equipment

Water restoration is a complex procedure that calls for equipment and specialized knowledge. Our team of experts employs strong suction pumps, dehumidifiers, and dryers to eliminate all moisture in the building. With our top-notch equipment, you’ll have one less thing to worry about.

Contact Quick2Dry for immediate water damage restoration services in Columbus, OH

To promptly resume business, it is best to hire skilled water damage restoration services in Columbus, Ohio. We know the negative effects water damage can have on business productivity, which is why we will collaborate with you to create a strategy that prioritizes your company’s operational needs. We can focus on structural drying and fixing particular spaces and pieces of machinery that are necessary for carrying on with your work.

Contact us for immediate commercial water damage cleanup in Columbus, OH, and get your business back on track. Reach out to us via email at [email protected] or call us at 614-328-5111 to know more about how we can help you navigate this situation.