Columbus Mold Removal

Mold penetrates porous surfaces in the same way that grass penetrates the dirt that it is growing on. If you simply cut the grass, it will spring back up and the same thing can happen with mold. When you wipe the surface of a wall, there may still be mold growing and spreading inside the wall, so it will quietly become a bigger problem

 Mold remediation is a very technical process that often requires a great deal of testing. Our team never just assumes that mold is either present or has been completely removed. We test at each stage, to ensure that mold has been completely removed from your home.

What is involved in mold removal?

Mold removal is a technical process that involves testing for mold,removing and cleaning contaminated materials and deep treating surfaces with safe chemicals. When you book our service, we don’t just wipe the affected surfaces clean, since this is not enough to completely remove mold.

 Like trees, mold grows below the surface, so it penetrates deeper than the stains you’ll observe on the surface. Since there are potential health hazards associated with removing mold, it is always best to leave removal to a professional team.

Address the Source of Moisture

Many homes may have moisture problems at some point. these may be due to a leaking roof or pipe. Sometimes a basement floor allows moisture to seep up and this creates the ideal conditions for mold growth. We fix the water ingress problem so that the mold won’t have the moisture that it needs to thrive.

Prevent Spread

Mold spreads easily via its spores. It’s as easy as having the spores travel on light breezes. In order to prevent further contamination, zones are created to block off contained areas from other parts of your home. If any items have been so damaged by mold that they cannot be cleaned, these are removed and thrown out, so they will not affect anything else.

We will clean any other materials thoroughly, to ensure that mold is removed and there’s no risk of having them spread mold spores around your home.We remove all visible traces of mold from anything that we’ve left inside your home and then we spray those surfaces with an antimicrobial or biocide.

Dry the Area

We must dry the area completely. This is done after we’ve applied safe chemicals inside your home, to destroy existing mold and any spores. Drying ensures that if any fresh contaminants are brought into your home, via open doors, windows, air vents or even dirt on your shoes, the setting will not be ideal for growth. 

Proper structural drying is essential and should be done in accordance with the strict guidelines that are set for our industry. While proper ventilation helps, it is not ideal to rely solely on naturally allowing air to pass through freely when you have mold penetrating your walls. 

Drying your home also makes it smell better. We want you to feel relaxed in your home and use professional equipment that is designed to efficiently extract moisture. This lets you get back to your daily activities more quickly than if this type of specialized gear were not not used.

Proceed with Caution

Mold is known to cause illness in people of all ages. If you have a mold problem at home, it can be risky to try to address it on your own. Every member of our team is trained to proceed with caution during every mold removal task.

They wear special clothing which keeps the spores away from their skin. All of this protective gear can either be laundered after use by using special methods or is thrown away to prevent mold form spreading. Our team members also wear gloves and use goggles to avoid irritation to their eyes.

 At minimum, an N-95 mask is worn by all operatives, to prevent mold from being breathed in as they work. Exposure to mold is known to trigger asthma symptoms at times and can cause infections, with wheezing, coughing and fever in some people.