Raw sewage refers to wastewater that has not been treated. It comes from residential properties, like apartments and houses, commercial buildings are also included, and it can also result from industrial and agricultural processes. Raw sewage can significantly damage property and contains bacteria and other pathogenic organisms that can cause health hazards, which would be a grave danger for humans or animals who might come into contact with it.

Routine pumping and monitoring of indoor water usage are required to keep a septic system running well and avoid backups, if you don’t currently perform these tasks we recommend you start as soon as possible! After experiencing a sewage backup or detecting foul odors, contact a professional sewage contractor with experience and resources. We use wastewater treatment technology to filter impurities like sewage and chemicals before removal to prevent health hazards.

The basic treatment options we use for wastewater include physical water treatment, biological water treatment, chemical treatment, and sludge treatment. Solids in the wastewater are removed using screening, sedimentation, and skimming processes. We employ special filters to pass the wastewater and separate the pollutants and insoluble particles.

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The Quick2Dry way

Sewage removal requires exceptional handling and specialized equipment. Our technicians undertake a comprehensive procedure that meets the minimum standards and sewage wastewater treatment regulations. Our procedure involves an inspection, sufficient treatment of wastewater, extensive pumping and draining, and thorough cleaning. Here is exactly what we can do to help you in this situation:

Investigate the cause of the problem

If you experience a sewage backup, inspecting the septic tank yourself can be hazardous to your health. Our professionals are prepared and skilled to evaluate the problem and perform sewage backup cleanup. We will assess the nearby pipelines, equipment, buildings, and anything else connected to the backup. Depending on the gravity of your situation, we can provide additional professional services including water damage restoration.

Quick response

Quick removal

Untreated wastewater can seep through your walls and ceilings and cause damage to your property as a result of sewage backup and blockages. Sewage wastewater emits foul odors that make inhabiting the property intolerable. Our emergency response teams will be dispatched immediately to provide swift response actions. We will conduct prompt inspections, removal, and cleaning to minimize damage and get you back into your property.

Eliminate health risks

We follow specific safety protocols and have the appropriate equipment to prevent the spread of bacteria during sewage removal. Our safety protocols include hygiene precautions, personal protective equipment (PPE), and specific safe work practices. Our technicians begin by using chemicals to prevent bacteria from reproducing in the raw sewage. Then we will sanitize and thoroughly clean the environment to eliminate possible bacteria and viruses.

Property stabilization
Water damage restoration and dry out

Low restoration costs

You risk doing more harm if you attempt to remove sewage without the right equipment and knowledge. Contacting a professional as soon as you notice a sewage backup will help you limit your losses and the expense of cleanup and repair. We have the necessary skills and equipment to complete the task quickly, preventing extensive property damage and lowering restoration costs.

Specialized sewage removal equipment

On that same line of thought, using standard sewage cleaning tools improperly could cause more damage to your drains than good. Contacting our team of experts means guaranteeing your results: we remove the sewage from your property using advanced treatment options and equipment, including commercial-grade vacuums and pumps. Our technicians wear protective gear to stop contamination and the spread of bacteria through your home.

Water damage restoration and dry out

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Here at Quick2Dry, we offer a fast and professional sewage removal service. Our teams are composed of well-trained professionals and dedicated experts with years of experience and relevant tools to deal with sewage removal. Our services preserve the environment and ensure your safety and comfort. If your property has suffered from a sewage spill or requires routine sewage removal and maintenance, be sure to contact us for a prompt response! You can call us at 614-328-5111 or send us an email at [email protected]. This can be a nasty situation, but we can help get through it in no time!