Mold Testing​

Mold is a fungus that thrives on humidity and produces spores that float into the air as it grows. If the air is humid enough, mold might spread within your home resulting in costly repairs, property damage, and health problems. To avoid these possible issues, you can try our mold testing service and get ahead of any potential damage.

Our mold inspector at Quick2Dry uses various types of mold tests to determine what type of mold is present in your home. The tests include air sampling, lift tape sample, and tape swab test. The type of test utilized is determined by the extent of growth, and the visibility of the mold, as mold can grow on walls and a few other surfaces.

Mold Testing
Mold Inspection

The Quick2Dry way

We recommend getting a mold inspection and testing if you are about to buy a house, to make sure your potential new home is in perfect condition. If you already own a house getting a test can help avoid any possible further damage to your property. The Quick2Dry mold testing and remediation process include

  • The Inspector will perform a preliminary walk-through inspection of the property using moisture meters to identify potential mold sources.
    We will take samples of the mold using a swab, lift tape, or spore traps.
  • Our technicians will send the sample to the lab, where our experts will determine what kind of mold is present in the home.
  • Based on the type of mold found on the property, we will create an efficient remediation plan.
  • We will perform an air sample test utilizing a spore trap after removing the mold. This is to ensure that no more mold spores linger in the property, which can cause recurrence.

Mold may be present in the home if there has been water damage, a leaking roof, or damaged plumbing. One of the trickiest aspects of mold is that it isn’t always visible, as it can grow under your wallpaper or on similar surfaces, making it impossible for you to realize there is an issue until it might be too late.

Here are the benefits of hiring us for mold testing and remediation:

Prevents structural damage to your building

Mold can destroy building materials if allowed to grow unchecked and lead to dry rot. In extreme circumstances, you may have to remove the entire structure. Our professionals will conduct air sampling tests and utilize moisture meters to determine the presence of moisture in drywall or other inaccessible areas. Early testing and remediating mold can save your building from extensive structural damage. Our mold inspectors will remove the damaged materials and control infestation before it spreads to other areas of your building.

Measuring wetness
Complete detection and cleaning

Complete detection and cleaning

Analyzing air samples for mold spores and detecting their location requires sophisticated equipment and experience. Our technicians use the IAC2 standard mold inspection and sampling procedures to assess the level of contamination. Then we will appropriately treat and clean all affected areas by sealing the mold, regulating the humidity, and physically removing the mold.

Prevent health problems

Long-term mold exposure is extremely hazardous to health, especially for people with respiratory issues. If you or someone in your family suffers from asthma, mold can trigger an attack. Cleaning mold on your own can expose you and your family to toxins. Quick2Dry technicians have all the necessary equipment to protect themselves when testing for mold exposure. We will perform a quick mold cleanup to eliminate health risks in your home and give you tips on preventing its recurrence.

Measuring wetness
Complete detection and cleaning

Save money

The longer you wait to resolve a mold problem, the more expensive the issue becomes to eradicate. Leaving a mold problem unattended will affect air quality and could further ruin furniture and the property structure. Early mold testing and mitigation by a professional will help reduce the cost of repairs, while inadequate mold cleanup can result in recurrence, which means you will have to keep resolving the same issue over an over, thereby making the process that much more expensive for you. Quick2Dry provides affordable, comprehensive mold testing and cleanup services so we can take care of the issue and get it right from the start.

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Our highly trained team can detect all traces of mold in your home and eradicate them. At Quick2Dry, we prioritize providing reliable and credible results. We’ll perform mold removal tests and utilize the best mitigating techniques. Contact us at 614-714-6605 or email [email protected] to prevent mold growth and save your structure from severe structural damage.