Mold Removal Process: How Professionals Do It

Apr 15, 2022 | Mold Removal

Regardless of the size of your home in square feet, mold can grow there for various reasons beyond disasters like storm-related water damage and flooding. Constant humidity, poor ventilation, condensation buildup, and leaks from roofs, pipes, and air conditioners are common causes.

Long-term mold exposure can lead to inferior indoor air quality and multiple respiratory illnesses. If you see (or even suspect) that mold is growing in your home, call (614) 714-6605 for mold removal in Columbus by Quick 2 Dry.

How We Remove Your Mold

The mold removal process involves a series of very technical remediation steps. We begin with testing to confirm the presence of mold. We outline the steps below.

  • Preventing Further Spread. Mold spores spread very quickly in the air. To avoid further contamination during the remediation process, we block off the areas where we have found mold.
  • Removing Contaminated Porous Materials. Mold grows beneath the surface of porous materials. As a result, these mold-damaged materials can never be made reliably mold-free and must be removed and replaced.
  • Cleaning and Treating Non-Porous Surfaces. Non-porous surfaces are cleaned and deep-treated with anti-microbial chemicals explicitly formulated for in-home mold remediation.
  • Drying the Area. Thorough drying of the affected area is necessary once we have treated your home. We mean structural drying, which we perform according to strict guidelines established within the mold remediation industry. Proper drying requires more than just good ventilation.

The affected areas are now ready for any reconstruction or remodeling that your home may need to replace materials we had to remove.

Quick 2 Dry’s mold remediation technicians wear unique clothing that keeps mold spores away from their skin. They also wear gloves, goggles, and N95 respiration masks. These items are discarded after use or laundered using special chemicals to kill any mold residue.

How You Can Prevent Mold

You can avoid the mold removal process by taking steps to prevent mold, as follows:

  • Keep humidity levels low. Humidity should never go above 50%.
  • Maintain good ventilation. Install exhaust fans in the kitchen and bathroom that vent outside.
  • Fix leaks immediately, including the roof, walls, or plumbing.
  • Dry out quickly after a flood. Clean up and dry out affected rooms and contents within 24-48 hours.
  • Add mold inhibitors to paint. Before painting, add a mold inhibiting agent.
  • Use mold-killing products. Clean your bathroom with products designed to kill mold.

Got Mold? Call Quick 2 Dry Today

Mold can be dangerous. Don’t put off the mold removal process. If you see mold in your home, pick up your phone and call Quick 2 Dry, experienced commercial water damage restoration contractors for the Columbus area, at (614) 714-6605.


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