Is Mold Inspection Necessary: What You Need to Know

Mar 17, 2022 | Mold Removal

Maybe it’s a musty smell in your attic or basement or a dark residue on walls near a recent leak in the bathroom that took forever to dry. If your home has been exposed to flood waters or plumbing leaks, a mold inspection by Columbus’s reliable mold removal company, Quick 2 Dry, may be a good idea.

Is mold inspection necessary, though? Is mold dangerous? Read on to learn more about mold issues and what to do when you suspect your home may have a mold problem.

Dangers of Mold

Mold grows in moist, dark places with poor air circulation. When your home’s surfaces are kept dry and well-ventilated, mold spores have nowhere to grow.

You can do a lot to prevent mold growth in your home by cleaning up leaks and spills, repairing pipes and roofing, and maintaining your plumbing and HVAC system. Proper ventilation, especially in the kitchen and bathroom, are also essential.

There are two important reasons to prevent mold growth and remove mold when it’s found:

  • Mold damages the surface it grows on, and
  • Mold can aggravate allergies and asthma and make your lungs more susceptible to infection.

When to Inspect for Mold

Visible signs of mold on surfaces or a musty smell even after an area is cleaned are indicators that you need professional mold inspectors to come in. If your home has a history of mold problems before or during your ownership, regular mold inspections can keep you healthy and maintain better air quality in your home.

Other instances when mold inspection is necessary include:

  • Before purchasing or selling your home
  • Before or after professional mold remediation or removal, also known as “clearance testing.”
  • After plumbing issues or other water damage are repaired
  • For insurance purposes, if required

If you have health issues, including allergies or asthmatic problems that cannot be resolved, mold may be an issue. A mold inspection can identify the source of the mold allergy or rule out mold spores as the cause.

Home Inspector or Mold Inspector?

While a general home inspector can inspect for mold, it requires specialized training to be a mold inspector. Quick 2 Dry is a water damage restoration company specializing in mold inspection, detection, and removal. Our training and experience handling remediation cases make us uniquely qualified to assess your home and identify any signs of mold safely.

Like trees, mold penetrates the visible surface. While you can successfully remove mold on the surface, the potential hazards of completely removing mold are best left to trained professionals of Quick 2 Dry. We proceed with caution through every inspection and remediation to ensure that the mold is contained and that your family is kept safe.

Is mold inspection necessary for your home? Call Quick 2 Dry at 614-820-1087 and learn more about water damage restoration services, mold inspection, and mold removal today.


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