Four Common Causes of Commercial Water Damage to Watch Out For

Feb 15, 2022 | Commercial Water Damage

There are myriad causes of commercial water damage, from structural issues and burst pipes to faulty HVAC systems. If operations are to continue as normal, water damage in any commercial setting requires a quick and thorough restoration service. One option is to seek commercial water damage restoration in Columbus by Quick 2 Dry; it is also important to know what to look for to prevent further problems.

Professional Water Damage Inspection Restores Commercial Properties

Our water damage inspection services aim to pinpoint the source of the problem and identify all areas at risk. We use practical techniques to inspect commercial buildings after a storm or disaster to ensure there are no leaks, mold growth, or unseen water damage.

Building safety is one of the most important checks during the process. Our team works closely with maintenance professionals to monitor and repair any damage while the professional water damage inspector gives the building’s management team control over serious concerns and timely solutions.

Four Common Causes of Water Damage

Commercial water damage can be dangerous, as well as expensive. Immediate resolution keeps the building’s tenants, customers, or employees safe and saves on long-term restoration costs. At Quick 2 Dry, we commonly see commercial water damage in Columbus and the surrounding areas after the following events:

  • Roof damage: Missing shingles or roof damage from harsh weather are leading causes of commercial water damage in local business and industrial settings. The roof wears with age and becomes more susceptible to leaks, so regular maintenance is important.
  • Aging HVAC systems: Old air ducts fill with debris and develop structural damage, resulting in water leaks, clogs, hidden mold growth, and the inability to control the humidity. Maintenance might stop these issues and extend the system’s lifespan, but eventually, a full replacement will be inevitable for every business.
  • Inadequate waterproofing: A building’s waterproofing seals holes and cracks to keep water out of sills, openings in weatherstripping, and other places.
  • Cracked or burst pipes: Ohio’s frigid winters regularly cause frozen pipes. As the water freezes, thaws, and changes pressure inside a building’s pipes, these channels crack or burst. Leaking water needs immediate removal to avoid mildew and other damage; professionals like Quick 2 Dry offer prompt, affordable service.

Quick 2 Dry is a top-notch commercial water damage restoration service with plenty of experience in Columbus and further afield. Our approach depends heavily on the causes of commercial water damage, with methods ranging from speedy water cleanup to mold removal services in Columbus, OH—call 614-820-1087 today to learn more.


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